Living in Alaska, I’m a mostly stay-at-home Mother of three boys: one graduated and making his way in the world, one a college freshman, and one still in the nest.  It’s been a blessing to have the span in ages so that they weren’t all gone in a relatively short period of time – it gives us the grace to really enjoy this last young person here with us, and the two older ones when they come home for a visit (like the older two coming up this Christmas, yay!).

I work with Macs and help a few friends with theirs as well – consulting, coaching, repairing/upgrading and document-creating. I appreciate those I’m currently working with, and am looking for a few more good ones! Husband Greg is our in-home guru; I’ve learned most of what I know from him (and the rest from my children!).

I love to sew and alter dresses to fit my own quirky size and taste; I enjoy cooking when I feel enthused about those I’m cooking for, or a new recipe; I love being outdoors, gardening, and our first cat, hanging with friends and family, being inspired, and inspiring others!

Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll leave feeling inspired as well!


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